Aussie mum Kezz Brockley is just out to do her weekly groceries at her local KMart when she spotted lovely rolls of contact papers on sale. The idea that came to her next would dramatically transform her kitchen and amaze hundreds if not thousands of mums and other homeowners who read her story.

You see, Kezz has been wanting to change the old look of her kitchen for quite some time now, but she had no idea how to without spending too much on renovation. The fact that her landlord is quite strict when it comes to major changes on the house made her plans even more difficult to pull off.

Different Patterned Vinyl Contacts

When she saw the $3 contact papers with different patterns, she had an inkling that it would look good on her outdated green marble bench. She has seen before homeowners using contact papers on their shelves and drawers and ended up having fantastic results, so she thought why not try it on her bench for a start. She then bought five rolls of the vinyl with a dark woodgrain pattern, went home and started working on her mini project.

With the help of her twins, they cut the contact papers to the size of the bench and then stick it on while carefully scraping out the vinyl to avoid bubble formation.

The end result astonished her as it complemented well her other furniture and decor at home. Even her occasional visitors thought that she had a newly installed bench.

Fresh Look Every Now and Then

After a year of usage, Kezz has noticed that the bench is showing a bit of wear and tear marks already. She decided it’s high time to spruce it up again. She then headed to KMart to purchase new vinyl contacts. This time she opted for a marble effect.

Changing the vinyl paper is a pretty straightforward task and does not leave adhesive marks as it’s easy to wipe off. Each time she changes, she only spends just about $15 for the five rolls. The best part, according to her, is it’s perfect for DIY home improvement on rental houses. You can just peel off the contacts when you leave.

Her landlord and even her real estate agent approve of it. Kezz decided to help others out by posting photos of her ingenious hack on a Kmart forum. The reaction and comments she received afterward were overwhelming as everybody went crazy for it.

One commenter quips that the hack is a great way to have a fresh new look to one’s kitchen every so often without having to break the bank.