Oat milk is an excellent substitute for traditional milk, especially if you are shifting into a diet that is free of dairy and only consists of veggies. That is why a lot of health-conscious people now prefer this over over-the-counter milk.

Making your very own oat milk is entirely different from just grabbing oat milk from grocery or organic food stores. Since it’s pretty much new in the scene of healthy food options, you might think that making it at home is difficult to do. On the contrary, homemade oat milk is a simple and straightforward process. You just need a blender, a filter, and a handful of ingredients that you will surely find lying around in your fridge.

What to do with your oat milk?

Oat milk is a very versatile food. You can try mixing it with your oatmeal or cereals and, just like that, you have an instant healthy breakfast. You can also mix with it with beverages such as coffee, tea, and chocolate.

If you need to intake a lot of dietary fiber, you can try adding some dates and blend them together using a food processor. If you’re craving for a more unique flavor, you can also try adding a small amount of vanilla extract or a dash of cinnamon. Oat milk goes well with a lot of food, really. All you need is some creativity and a flair for experimentation.

Try this great oat milk recipe

To make you very own homemade oat milk, we recommend trying this simple recipe. For this, you will just need a cup of oats, four cups of water, and some salt.

First, mix the oats, water, and salt in your blender. If you prefer it to be a little sweeter, you can go ahead and add in a small amount of sugar or honey. Let the mixture blend for one minute. Then, filter the blended milk using a sieve and then you’re good to go! The milk should last up to three days if properly stored inside your fridge.