Internet fame has become a sure ticket to stardom. Plenty of celebrities make it big when people like them or hate them on the internet. Pop culture is highly democratic, so popularity has a huge role in changing lives.

With the internet at everyone’s grasp in this generation, there are some people who rose into stardom overnight. Their difference is that some made it bigger and got successful, while others never got the chance to go into another spotlight. Let’s check some names of these pop stars.

Danielle Bregoli

Also known as Bhad Bhabie, she first appeared in the Dr. Phil show in 2016 when she was only 13 years old. Her mother sent her to the show for having a troubled attitude and background. She immortalized the “cash me outside, how bout dat” line which became her ticket to the music industry.

Tay Zonday

Adam Nyerere wrote and sang an original piece about racism which he uploaded back in the early days of Youtube. He never expected that Chocolate Rain would become a meme and land so many parodies. He even landed some TV appearances where he was invited to sing. He had record deals and agents wanting to sign a contract with him. It is no surprise that he maintained success after 10 years since he was first seen on screen.

Antoine Dodson

This guy appeared on an interview in a local station when his family’s home has been invaded leaving her sister sexually assaulted. His interview got viral and music group turned it into an actual song that sold hundreds of thousands of copy. He didn’t reach success unlike the others but he did manage to get his family out of the housing projects.

Big Shaq

He performed a series of Youtube videos called #SWIL. He did several comedy acts and surprisingly landed him one viral video where he kept saying “man’s not hot”. The line became really popular that Dapaah got a platinum-selling album when he turned it into a single. Shaq did try to keep the fame alive but it wasn’t for him so he just went back to doing comedy skits.


If you aren’t familiar, Baauer’s debit single was Harlem Shake. It didn’t became popular though it had some good reviews and replays until a Youtube comedian uploaded a funny ith him dancing with his friends over the song. It became a huge hit that plenty of people uploaded theirversion of the dance craze. Baauer admitted that he wasn’t looking for fame, but he wanted people to hear his music. He did not give up on music until today.

Gary Brolsma

The vlogger uploaded a video of himself dancing and lip-syncing to Dragostea Din Tei in 2004. it became an instant hit and was known as the second-most-watched viral video of all time. He did became a star and did a bunch of talks in the television. But at one point, he got sick of his popularity and felt embarrassed. Brolsma found his way back and peace with Numa Numa as he launched a debut album in 2008.