Hypertension is defined as a common condition wherein the force of your blood flow against the heart’s artery walls is abnormally high. Having sustained events of hypertension eventually leads to health problems and different heart diseases. The scary thing about hypertension is that its symptoms can catch you unaware. You can feel extremely healthy today and then find out that you have this condition when you least expect it. Without the proper monitoring and checkups, it’s a bit difficult to determine whether someone has this illness or not.

What are the Main Classifications of Hypertension?

According to various health records, there are two types of hypertension. The primary and secondary kind. The first sort is the primary/essential one where the cause is undefined or unspecified and will tend to gradually develop as years pass by.

Meanwhile, the second category bursts and appear suddenly. The second type has the potential to increases blood pressure more than the first category. Some of its causes are kidney problems, obstructive sleep apnea, thyroid problems and some forms of prescriptions.

Why Hypertension is Dangerous?

If not properly addressed, this state can bring about fatal health risks. It can lead to a cardiac arrest or heart failure, which can end you up in your death bed. It can also trigger an aneurysm which is life-threatening as well.

For adults and the elderly, dementia is one of the most likely hurdles you can get. Vascular Dementia to be specific is caused by a stroke that interrupts the circulation in the brain. You may also suffer from memory gaps and temporary loss due to the uncontrolled level of compulsion.

Lastly, one can develop serious metabolic syndrome. This means that the body has formed various disorders and malfunctions on its metabolism and therefore opens the physique to diabetes, stroke and heart illnesses.