Hair accessories have made a big comeback and they include headbands, studded bobby pins, and scrunchies. It may have seemed that the trend is waning, but it is only getting bigger and more extra.

Big, cloudlike scrunchies made of organza are making their way to your Instagram feeds, and they are not from your usual “It” fashion brands.

These big scrunchies the size of your dinner plates are from the Room Shop Vintage, a showroom in Philadelphia that is yet to gain the public’s attention. The showroom features vintage products and sustainable creations, including scrunchies made from recycled or deadstock fabrics.

The scrunchies come in different colors from the lightest pink to the trendy lime green. They also come in tie-dye. These poufy organza scrunchies are very different from those in the ‘80s and ‘90s and are the perfect accessories for girls who need to always look extra. Unsurprisingly, these scrunchies are now all over Instagram and other social media platforms. 

These scrunchies are the creation of the husband-and-wife team behind Room Shop Vintage. Shelly and Dryw Scully quit their longtime jobs in retail and decided to sell the vintage items they have collected from their road trips across the United States. Their pieces were highly sought-after that they opted to open their own store/showroom in Bok, a full-square-block building in South Philadelphia. The store now showcases the trendy scrunchies and other vintage selections of clothes, bags, and other accessories.

The cloud scrunchies by Room Shop Vintage are available in large and mini sizes. The large scrunchies measure about 9” in diameter and sold for $20 each, while the minis measure 6” in diameter and sold for $12 each.

Philadelphia, colloquially known as Philly, is famous not only for its rich history but also for its cheesesteaks and die-hard sports fans. Now it adds on its list these giant, colorful, and sustainable scrunchies. For those who prefer to order online, you may visit their website at