Almost anything now can be DIY-ed. It takes a lot of time, yet the happiness you get upon seeing your finished work is worth it. From complicated houses to simple costumes, there are a lot of tutorials to learn it. If you want to make a dress as a first-timer, try an infinity dress. Check here for some tips to help you make one.


  1. Buy fabrics that are stretchy or materials that contain spandex because they are easier to work with when making an infinity dress.
  2. Measure your waistline and after removing 3 inches, note this as the waist of the dress. To make a rounded skirt, draw a circle in the middle of your cloth using the measurement earlier. Next, make a bigger circle which will serve as the skirt. Snip out the inner ring, and this will be where your waist fits.
  3. Get the length of the waistband using the measurement you used for the waist.
  4. The straps will be as long as how tall you are and increasing it by 1.5. The width will vary according to the size of your chest.


  1. First, position the straps overlapping and forming a V shape where the part of the end of the V is at the waist. This part will cover your chest. Use pins to fasten the straps in place.
  2. Turn over the waistband and put pins at the fringes. Position the middle of the waistband opposite the middle of the overlapping strap to hide the waistband’s joined ends.
  3. Sew one continuous circle around the waist to attach all the pieces. Run the machine forward at the waist circle first, then back, then forward again and back again until you reach the part where you began. Doing this will fasten the straps in place.
  4. You may or may not hem the skirt depending on the fabric you used because some materials may look good already without hemming.